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10 Point – Full-Management Services Process

Bluepoint Management Group offers a comprehensive Full-Service Management package that will afford the property owner complete piece of mind, anticipating all your needs and handling each detail. Our professional staff will ensure that your property remains in excellent condition, your renters receive timely attention and you stay informed every step of the way.

Bluepoint’s management team conducts a detailed assessment of each property to determine:

  • It's positives and negatives
  • The areas that may need to be updated or repaired
  • The strategic price point that will ensure a short vacancy AND provide maximum rent.

Obviously it is important to have the property in it's peak condition prior to advertising and showing it to prospective renters.

Not only will it will it be show in it’s optimum condition helping the property be rented quicker but it will also set the bar on how the property will be expected to look like upon tenant move out.

Bluepoint will assist the homeowner to do whatever is needed to get everything in tip top shape while keeping the owner's budget in mind – it is a rental after all.

The property will be thoroughly inspected by our team and signed off by the new tenant.

One of the most important factors in the process is to successfully promote your property. Bluepoint Management Group attacks this with a mulit faceted approach.

  • Online advertising through 48 different rental websites
  • Advertising with military websites throughout the county
  • Advertising with UCSD and USD Campuses
  • On site signage and marketing materials
  • Word of mouth with other agents

As soon as our marketing efforts begin generating interested prospects, Bluepoint’s leasing agents will begin to show your property. Not only is this is a great way to get to know potential renters, but it also allows us to get feedback about the property.

  • An introduction to the neighborhood, surrounding area and complex (for condos)
  • A guided walk-through accompanied by a summary of the basic features of the home. Discussing potential restrictions like pet's and smoking.

The key ingredient to a successful management is all about tenant screening. We will dig deep to find out any information on a prospective tenant including:

  • Verified income and employment information
  • Credit Rating
  • Rental History
  • Criminal Background
  • Personal Background Checks

Our most important goal is to find tenants who will treat your property respectfully, follow leasing requirements and restrictions, and will be able to meet their monthly payment obligations on a consistent and reliable basis.

Once the qualified tenant(s) are accepted we will sit down and sign a thorough, up-to-date, legally binding lease agreement inclusive of all required documentation and addendums as applicable.

Included in every leasing agreement is a detailed property inspection verifying by the tenant that the property is in move-in condition.

Bluepoint offers a range of payment options to residents; rents can be paid using personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or straight deposit into our JP Morgan Chase account. We also have the ability to set up an on-line payment option or automatic withdrawal through the tenant’s bank.

Once we receive rent payments, our accounting staff applies any funds needed to cover potential vendor work during the month and the remaining portion will be remitted to the property owner through an electronic funds transfer. We understand the importance of receiving rent payments quickly as many of our clients rely on this money to cover their mortgage.

The owner will receive an email when the funds have been disbursed along with a monthly accounting statement.

While it is rare, problems can arise in the process of collecting rent payments. In the event that a legal process is needed, we initiate those services on your behalf and remain in close contact with all parties involved until the problem is resolved and all funds are received in full.

As your property management team we are your ‘eyes and ears’ when it comes to protecting your investment. Our goal is to keep your property in good condition – to keep it safe, functional and attractive, and functioning optimally.

  • Semi Annual property inspections
  • Taking tenant calls in regards to maintenance requests
  • Identification and timely completion of needed repairs

A final – and much appreciated – benefit of the Full-Service Management package is the comprehensive tax packet you receive at the end of each calendar year. Included in the packet are:

  • Bluepoint Management Group Year-End Report with a breakdown of income and expenses along with support documentation
  • IRS 1099 form

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